Our company provides clients a one-stop shop for home design and construction in Dallas, Texas.


We utilize decades of experience in home design to create unique and stunning homes that stand out as works of art. Attention to detail and quality ensure that every project is done right.

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We have eliminated the disconnect between builder and designer, ensuring that our projects are built to perfection by our expert craftsman. Our team never cuts corners and always strives for excellence.

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Matt and Paul Home Design + Construction bridges the gap between the designer and builder, giving clients a unique company that ensures accountability and a unified vision throughout the entire project.

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Featured / New Construction / Plans / Projects / Remodel
Featured / New Construction / Plans / Projects / Remodel

Matt and Paul have partnered to create a unique company where the home design and builder are under one roof, streamlining the process of building homes and saving clients time and money. Matt and Paul work directly with clients to design and build beautiful homes, and ensure that the vision and quality of the project are maintained throughout the process.


Combined years of experience


Homes designed and built in North Dallas


Have a project you’d like to discuss with us? Send us a message or give us a call and we’d love to share how we can assist you in building a beautiful custom home.

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    home design and construction

    Our dynamic company is a full-service design and construction company aimed at building beautiful homes with precision and quality. 

    Matt and Paul bridge the gap between the designer and the builder, enabling our clients to experience the money-saving streamlined process of designing and building stunning homes in the DFW area.