Our Process Phases

Building your dream home is a big deal and can seem overwhelming at first. That’s why we’ve broken down our process into 4 phases: Planning, Design, Building, and Moving In. Below you will find a quick video for each phase that will bring clarity and transparency to our process, giving you peace-of-mind that there a method to the madness of building a custom dream home.

The Planning Phase

Building a custom home is a really big decision. In the beginning of the planning phase, we want to have some honest, transparent conversations to make sure Matt and Paul is a good fit for your project. We will walk you through our unique approach to custom home building and give you a glimpse into what the project will look like. Once we’re on the same page and have come to a mutual decision that we will move forward, we will create a Builder’s Agreement to solidify the partnership and move towards the Design Phase. After the agreement is signed, we move into the architectural drawings, budgets, securing of trades, and other elements of the planning portion of the process.

The Design Phase

It’s time to crack open that Pinterest board and boil down those thousands of pictures into your final wishlist. This is the phase where we begin to dream about the specifics of your new custom home. From spaces and fixtures to finishes and details, our architectural plans begin to come to life. You will sit down with Matt and go through the plans, starting with the first and second floor.  Once the design and plans are firmed up, our engineer will begin to work on the plans and the city permitting will start. The phase typically takes 3-6 months, depending on the project.

The Building Phase

Congratulations! The permit is in your hands and the financing is finalized – we’re ready to build your house. One of things we hear most often is that homeowners struggle to communicate with their builder. We want to change that. You will meet with Paul every week to go over the elements that are happening in the build. From the beginning to the end of the build, you will get regular updates so that you’re informed of how things are going week-to-week. We’ll make sure you’re still happy with all of the finishes we selected in the design phase – tile, cabinets, fixtures, etc. The building process can take 10-14 months, but above all else, we want to make sure the job gets done right.

The Moving In Phase

You made it! You’re living in your new custom home. Although we plan, design, and build to make sure the job is done right, we’re  also aware that things can come up in those first few weeks of being in your house. We’ll take care of any remaining punch list items that need to be done, and we’ll stick around in the following months to make sure everything is in tip top shape. We also provide a Home Warranty, which means you can submit issues that may arise and our team will come and make it right. This gives you the peace of mind  you need to enjoy living in your dream home.

Have questions? Reach out to Matt and Paul today