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Matt and Paul joined forces to create a company that merged architectural design and precision construction, giving clients a one-stop shop when building a custom home. Their combined expertise has resulted in their company becoming one of the leading design and construction firms in the Dallas area.


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Throughout my life I have been fascinated with homes. Growing up in Dallas, Texas, I would often travel to visit my family in Pennsylvania and New York. I always appreciated vernacular architecture, with its elements of design and craftsmanship of the 19th and 20th centuries. My experience as a home builder began with my family’s company, Shaddock Homes. I was able to grow in many ways quickly as an area manager with the unprecedented support I received from my father-in-law, who brought me into the profession of building. I began my building career at one of the most prosperous times in our history of residential construction, but when residential construction began simmering, I decided to attain more attributes for my future enrolling at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) and receiving my Master of Architecture degree. I am now thrilled to be a co-founder of Matt and Paul Architectural Design and Construction.¬†

Matt Cesare Architectural Designer
Paul Johnson Construction

Paul Johnson is one of the leading builders in Dallas, with decades of experience in remodeling and new construction. Through his previous endeavor РPrecision Construction and Remodel РPaul worked with dozens of clients throughout DFW to transform houses into stunning works of art. Over the years Paul has earned a reputation as a builder with integrity, honesty, work-ethic, attention to detail, and impeccable quality craftsmanship. Paul believes in serving every customer with the highest level of respect, and leaving a lasting impression through quality work and professionalism. As a former staff member at World Vision, Paul understands the importance of being people-centric, and works hard for the betterment of the world around him. Beyond his role as co-founder of Matt and Paul Architectural Design and Construction, Paul is the father of two children and is involved in his local church and community.